Why SKF Explorer Deep Groove Ball Bearings ?

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SKF Explorer deep groove ball bearings are designed to offer you increased reliability and longer service life. With exciting new features, these bearings are a great choice for a wide variety of applications. Read more here to find out why SKF Explorer deep groove ball bearings are the right choice for you.

The performance of these bearings has been substantially improved by optimizing the internal geometry and surface finish of all contact surfaces, redesigning the cage, combining the extremely clean and homologous steel with unique heat treatment, and improving the quality and uniformity of the balls.

Product Features

• Improved dimensional accuracy
• Enhance running accuracy
• Less friction
• Made of super-clean and tough steel
• Runs 50% quieter


• Runs cooler
• Increased up-time and productivity
• Reduced noise and vibration levels
• Longer bearing service life
• More lubricant life
• Excellent high-speed performance
• Lower maintenance and operating costs

Higher precision increases bearing life

SKF Explorer deep groove ball bearings are manufactured in accordance with ISO class 5 running accuracy and class 6 dimensional accuracy which improves the bearing’s rolling performance in the ball track.

The result of this is a bearing that will run cooler, quieter, and longer than other bearings on the market that are made to the Normal ISO precision class.

Wide assortment of lubricant options

The lubrication requirements of an SKF Explorer deep groove ball bearing can vary depending on the application and its operating conditions. Therefore, SKF offers a wide range of bearing greases including application-specific greases like food-grade grease and alternative lubricants like solid oil and extreme temperature graphite-based lubricants.