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In recent years the increase in technology and automation of several processes, including motion applications or motor-driven linkages, utilize ball bearings. Hence the rise in demand has been ostensible. It was because counterfeits marred the trend that caused an uproar in the ball bearing industry. The global economic crisis heightened the pressure on most industries, including the automotive, which actually makes up for a quarter of all the ball-bearing sales worldwide.

What has changed in the ball bearing industry

In order to immerge from the scandal of fake ball bearings hitting the market, the ball bearing industry has to think out of the box and work on new bearing technologies and combat the downturn. The main focus was

• Customization
• Integration

The market trends show that bearings will have increased usage because more money is spent on processes and development to spur economic growth. The ball bearing industry will need to catch up with the boom that will come on with the demand from both the industry and regional factors in the coming years. The renewable energy market has propelled the ball bearings industry to go back to the drawing table and think about building high-capacity bearings for the upcoming turbine construction projects.

What the industry experts say

The demand is not restricted to the Middle East alone, but even the Asia-Pacific region is working to break out into super economic powers with a trajectory of rapid industrialization. Southeast Asian countries are picking up the momentum and picking their way into the bearings consumption charts globally.

Heavy machine and industrial sectors require bearing usage, with the global construction market expanding. Bearings sales potential is likely to rise for the next several quarters. The bearing usage sectors dominate economic growth, and the bearings industry has had an overhaul in how they functioned and is catering to industry-specific solutions. When you look into the defense and aerospace industries, you will observe they require instrumented bearings for boosting energy efficiency. The ball bearings have to work efficiently, maintain safety, and rule out any margin of error.

How the ball bearing industry has evolved

The automotive industry has evolved over the years with technological shifts happening. You find that not only is there a change in the kind of bearing being used, but entire systems are being replaced to meet the requirements of customers. The instrumented bearings are the need of the hour because they come with

– Anti-lock braking systems
– Electronic stability control

Regulating the above two with the help of wheel speed and vibration data collected using instrumental bearings collect for you. The bearings industry has a huge potential to optimize the design to cater to the new emerging systems. SKF has worked on ball bearings when systems have undergone simplifaction to reduce the number of components and intelligent solutions. The New ball bearing Co. LLP has worked to bring this to you by being an Authorized SKF Bearings distributor.

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