Retail Network

Retail Network


  • To reach more customers in remote agricultural and rural sectors
  • Availability of genuine SKF products for customers having off the shelf requirements and purchasing from small retailers
  • To increase the awareness of SKF platforms

NBBC Can Offer Various Growth Opportunities to Your Customers Which Include

  • SKF Bearings
  • SKF Power Transmission products (VBelts, Chains, Pulleys, Couplings etc)
  • SKF Oil seals
  • SKF Maintenance Products like Pullers, Fitting Tools, Heaters for mounting & dismounting Bearing, Alignment Tools
  • SKF General purpose Greases and Special Greases, Grease Gun etc
  • Grease Supplier


  • Rewarding and Motivational schemes and discounts.
  • Registration with SKF & NBBC
  • Growth opportunities
  • Products- 5 platform range
  • Promotional / Advertisement material

Appointment Procedure – IPS Enrollment Form is Available with NBBC.

  • Bearings & units
  • Sealing Solutions
  • Condition Monitoring
  • Power Transmission Products
  • Linear motion solutions
  • Maintenance Products
  • Lubricants
  • Lubrication System