REP & Integrated Maintenance Solutions

Rotating Equipment Performance & Integrated Maintenance Solution

REP – Rotating Equipment Performance

Improving Rotating Equipment Performance can positively impact :

  • Cost Reduction – Operation, Maintenance & Energy
  • Improved output for Maximum Business Efficiency – Availability, Speed & Quality
  • Ensure Compliance – Health & Safety, Environment

Are You Getting the Best Performance From Your Equipment?

  • As the industrial world is changing, new challenges emerge
  • Plant managers, maintenance and service engineers are looking for ways to maximize machine performance, while lowering operational and maintenance costs
  • SKF offers you solutions to get the most from your machinery
  • Digitalization and technology developments are fast becoming key industrial strategic drivers
  • The Internet of Things (IoT) is connecting machines, while Big Data is offering new insights into machine performance and opportunities to drive efficiencies
  • SKF is leading the way with digitally enabled solutions built on years of machine and application knowledge
  • Performance demands are different for every business. But, with rotating equipment the ultimate objective is to maximize the reliability and output from your machinery and your production process, whilst driving down the total cost of ownership over the life cycle

Trim Your Total Cost of Ownership

  • Poor performance and unplanned downtime don’t just affect your productivity and cost of production, they can also directly affect the cost of energy, maintenance, spare parts, labour and more – all adding up to a greater Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • SKF can help you achieve more reliable rotation, so you can reduce your TCO

Gain New Insights into Your Machinery

  • Gain visibility into the health of your equipment and turn data into performance-driving
  • Allowing your business to be more agile, deliver greater output, or optimise safety, reliability and sustainability
  • Drive forward digitalization of your operations using Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to connect to your machinery plant wide and planet wide
  • Store and share data in the SKF Cloud and benefit from Big Data through SKF Enlight Centre dashboards, tailored to your workflows and giving easy to understand data interpretation
  • Connect directly to expert diagnostics and analysis, providing unrivalled application
  • insights and advice to maximise rotating equipment performance

Reducing Reliance on Scarce Talent

  • By working with SKF to connect our rotating equipment expertise to your business, you can reduce the time and cost of recruiting, training and retaining increasingly scarce and Expensive maintenance and diagnostic skill-sets

Operate More Safely

  • Ensure maximum operational safety, reduce product safety risks

Be More Sustainable

  • SKF can work with you to reduce energy usage, waste output, spare parts consumption
  • and more, helping you to deliver against your sustainability agenda, as well as saving on costs

If you have any query about this please contact us. We will be pleased to serve you by making arrangements for effective implementation of this program at your plant.