Nord Drive Systems

Nord Drive Systems

Industrial gearbox

The NORD industrial gearbox is meant to transfer the mechanical energy from one device to the other. Which actually helps to increase the torque and bringing down the speed in the process. Gearboxes are meant to change the speed and the torque that will convert the energy, which then becomes compatible. The industrial gearboxes enable to ease out the mechanical functioning in industries. The gearboxes can be made from aluminum alloys, steel, and cast iron

There are several kinds of gearboxes that are used

  • Helical
  • Coaxial helical line
  • Bevel helical
  • Skew bevel helical
  • Worm reduction
  • Planetary (standard gearboxes used in the industry)

Industrial gearboxes manufactured by NORD and distributed by New Ball Bearings Co. (NBBC) work on the principle-based on unicase housing wherein the ball bearings are integrated into one piece of housing. The finishing id sone so that you will find a unique jig that could only be accomplished by CNC machines. These added features to the gearbox bring in the highest levels of

  • Precision
  • Rigidity
  • Strength

The unicase principle allows for no dividing seams that will appear between the drive and the gear unit. This kind of housing will have to bear the brunt of the traverse forces or the torque when in motion. Moreover, using the unicase principle, the gearbox will be able to shaft axes that can be staggered because of a more compact design. This is now possible because of the use of larger roller bearings to extend the life of the gearbox.

These gearboxes are used in the paper manufacturing industry, the cement industry, the sugar industry, the steel industry, etc. depending on the torque range. Some industries need higher torque, such as the cement industry, which helps them in engine augmentation and bringing down the speed. The worm gearbox is popularly used in different variations of gearboxes because you can achieve higher torque, and there is a possibility to transfer motion in 900. This attribute makes it great for providing higher efficiency and capacity to carry more load. The worm gearbox is widely used in the manufacturing sector.

There are several gearboxes in the NORD series that can be chosen from the highest to the lowest torque-speed in various shapes and sizes with a leading distributor, New Ball Bearings Co. (NBBC), delivering the highest quality products to the clients.

Nord gear box VFD SK 500 E Series 2

Nord VFD-SK 500 E Series

Nord VFD SK 500 E Series 1

Nord VFD-SK 500 E Series

nord worm geared motor

UNIVERSAL Worm geared motor Torque range 23 – 427 Nm

nord gear box sk 200 e trio


nord gear box parallel shaft geared motor

UNICASE Parellel shaft geared motor Torque range 110–100.00Nm

nord gear box new nordbloc aluminium series geared motor

New NORDBLOC ALUMINIUM Series geared motor Torque range 90 – 3.200 Nm

nord gear box helical warm geared motor

UNICASE Helical Worm geared motor Torque range 94 – 3.058 Nm

nord gear box helical inline geared motors

UNICASE Helical In-line geared motor Torque range 10–26.000 Nm

nord helical bevel geared motor

UNICASE Helical Bevel geared motor Torque range 94 – 3200 Nm

Nord VFD SK 500 E Series 3

Nord VFD-SK 500 E Series

BLOCK Helical Bevel Geared Motor-with-SK-200E-250x250

Block Helical Bevel Geared Motor with SK 200E

Nord Bloc Kokille Glattmotor Schaum

Nord Bloc Kokille Glattmotor Schaum

Nord Getriebe

Nord Getriebe

Nord Drive System