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A few of the component failures that occur are due to the heating of the hydraulic fluid, and though often, the blame is put on regular contamination that occurs because of the dust, dirt, and air. Hydraulic machines are meant to generate heat, and you will never achieve 100% efficiency of energy conversion. Apart from the reservoir, every part of the hydraulic machine happens to generate heat. Because of the excessive heat generated, there is more damage to the system than oil contamination.

In machines, the oil used must maintain a certain degree of viscosity and temperature, and to achieve that, air-blast oil coolers are utilized. Due to friction, there is a generation of heat resulting in the hydraulic system suffering losses. The most vital aspect is to maintain that the air cooler should suit the different types of hydraulic oils that are used in various machines.

A basic structure of hydraulic oil cooler consists of

  • Housing
  • A Heat Pipe
  • A Fan

The principle is based on the efficient heat exchange to occur when the temperature of oil has risen. A forced flow of cold air brings it down to heat to normal operatable temperature.

The benefits of using a New Ball Bearings Co. hydraulic oil coolers are

  • They offer more number of variants compared to other manufactures
  • The hydraulic oil cooler is reliable and works well to reduce putting stress on other components of the machine
  • The customers can get coolers with compact and efficient design
  • They are accessible to service; a regular maintenance schedule put in place can give your cooler life of more than two decades.

New Ball Bearings Co. is a supplier of hydraulic oil coolers, and we know individual customer’s specific requirements. Over the years, many customers have found that our hydraulic oil coolers are used on renowned power-producing applications. There is an assurance of exceptional performance when used in the defense sector vehicles, especially or infrastructure equipment, and even wind turbine power plants. You will see that our hydraulic oil coolers are used.

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