Gearbox Remanufacturing

Gearbox Remanufacturing

The Scope of Services - Gearbox Repair & Remanufacturing

  1. Inspection
  2. Rating verification based on the details available
  3. Verification of selection & suggestion
  4. Gears & Pinions (Internals) – Reconditioning and Replacement with necessary Re-Engineering
  5. Oil Leakage rectification
  6. Bearings replacement
  7. Casings reconditioning & Replacement
  8. Trial run with the no-load condition

Types of Gear Box

  1. Worm Reduction Gearbox
    (a) Single stage worm reduction. Gear Box
    (b) Double stage worm reduction. Gear Box
    (c) Heli-worm reduction Gear Box etc
  2. Helical Gear Box
    (a) Incline Helical Gear Box
    (b) parallel Helical Gear Box
    (c) Bevel Helical Gear Box
    (d) Planatory Helical Gear Box
    (e). Helical geared motor
  3. Bevel Gear Box
    (a) Straight Bevel Gear Box
    (b) Spiral Bevel Gear Box, … etc…
  4. Fluid Couplings – All Types
  5. Cycloidal Drives – All types

The above-said Gearbox Repair & Remanufacturing, in any and all application, can be serviced