Triag Products – International Moduler Clamping System

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Triag Products – International Modular Clamping System

Since founding Triag AG in 1990, we have developed and produced modular clamping system for machining. As a pioneer of clever clamping solutions and with our one-of-a-kind interface, which serves as the basis for various clamping types, we have earned an outstanding global reputation. That makes us proud and we work hard on maintaining it.

Our motivation is to give our customers the best support to achieve the highest output of their investments in machine tools. We offer modular vice systems as standard and dedicated solutions for the highest performance. The modular clamping system finds it’s an application from conventional machines to high-end 5-axis automated systems as well as many time on horizontal machines. Naturally, we use for our production our own clamp systems so we have our own practical experience.

Modular Clamping System- powerCLAMP

powerCLAMP is a modular clamping system in which a rail serves as the basis for more than 180 different clamping modules, centric clamps, blanks modules, vacuum modules and magnet modules. It is a mechanical zero-point clamping system as well as a vice.


  • Quick-adjustable multi clamping system
  • Positioning with only 1 screw and via gearing
  • Clamping force up to 3000 daN
  • Positioning increments 2 mm
  • Pull down clamping and linear clamping available
  • Clamping stroke 5 mm
  • Base rails: length 90 – 800 mm; fastening grids: 40, 50 and 80 mm
  • Heights: 35, 60, 80 and 175 mm
  • Clamping modules and jaws for direct stamping

Modular Clamping System-tripoxyMINERAL

tripoxyMINERAL is light, and therefore machine-preserving, mineral epoxy tombstones that can be used as an alternative to heavy cast iron or steel tombstones. Due to increasingly quick horizontal machining centres, weight reduction of the load is an important factor.


  • Light: The specific weight is less than that of aluminium
  • Vibration damping 10x better than that of grey cast iron
  • Slower thermal growth
  • The predetermined breaking point in case of collision
  • Does not rust
  • Boreholes M12/12G6
  • Base plates according to machine specification

Modular Clamping System- aptoCLAMP

aptoCLAMP is a further development of the powerCLAMP system: it is used to machine workpieces produced by means of heavy roughing, which can be very large and weigh up to several thousand kilograms. It is also based on a base rail.


  • Very stable, robust construction and therefore high precision
  • Modules can be taken off from above, no extension necessary
  • No T-grooves that could become contaminated
  • Interlocking positioning
  • Gearing not exposed to the workpiece
  • Pull down and linear clamping possible
  • Clamping force up to 7’000 daN

Modular Clamping System- trivaCLAMP

Vacuum clamping with the trivaCLAMP system is suited for gentle and even clamping of bulky workpieces, plates, U-shaped or angle sections and thin-walled workpieces. Pressure marks and deformations that come with mechanical clamping can also be avoided in this way. When using vacuum clamping, the surrounding atmosphere applies pressure to the workpiece. Workpieces are affixed to the entire surface, which largely prevents vibration. Simple loading and a free working space are additional advantages.


  • Ideal for plate-shaped and even non-magnetic workpieces
  • Modular design – walls on the side also available
  • No pressure marks or deformations on soft parts
  • Minimal vibrations
  • Quick reclamping
  • High degree of efficiency due to the special workpiece support

Modular Clamping System- oppSYSTEM

oppSYSTEM is a palletizing system: A pallet carrier mounted on the machine table of the machine tool and at least two pallets or workpiece carriers equipped with centring and clamping bushes. The interface between pallet carrier and pallet makes it possible to quickly (within seconds) exchange the pallets, onto which the workpiece that is to be machined is mounted and positioned outside of the machine tool. This increases the productivity of the machine and thereby the profitability of the entire company.


  • Exact positioning on the machine table
  • Shorter machine downtimes
  • Exchanging pallets within seconds
  • Automated loading and unloading

Modular Clamping System- tricentroClamp

In order to meet various requirements and machining tasks, the self-centring vices can be rotated 90 degrees. Just like all modules of this series, the self-centring vice can easily be positioned along the rail in 2-millimetre increments. The compact and closed construction protects the self-centring vice from contamination.


  • The wide range of self-centring vice
  • Large selection of false jaws
  • Can also be used flexibly with powerCLAMP system
  • Pneumatic clamping vice for use with robots

Modular Clamping System- triGEL

Freeze clamping is a clamping technique that is primarily used for bulky parts made of metal, most mineral materials as well as plastic. Ice offers excellent adhesion. When using the triGEL system, cold gas is run through the work table’s labyrinth of cables and cooled to the working temperature of minus 8 degrees Celsius.  The workpieces and the work table are coated with a fine water film, which clamps the parts in place after freezing in approximately 60 seconds. The process is reversed to loosen the workpieces. The device functions as the heating pump. It allows the thawing point to be reached quickly, which releases the workpieces.


  • Ideal for bulky parts
  • Quick freezing and thawing times
  • Very high adhesion
  • Also suited for non-metal parts