About The New Ball Bearing Co.

About The New Ball Bearing Company

The New Ball Bearing Co. LLP (TNBBC) is one of the leading distribution groups of premium industrial brands in India. From humble beginnings, the Company has grown manifold over the years. Through sustained innovation and continuous development of its processes over the years, today, we have emerged as one of the most promising organizations poised for Industry 4.0.

With the wave of automation, smart manufacturing and digitization, The New Ball Bearing Co. LLP is all set to rule the roost with its advanced processes. We stay in sync with the latest industry trends through artificial intelligence, and the internet of things (IoT) amongst many others.

With a clear Mission, Vision, Values and Business Policy, we believe in the growth of our people in order to grow the organization. Innovation and a strong commitment to quality makes our competent technical teams and personnel equipped to handle all principal products, with strong logistics infrastructure while handling customer deliveries effectively. We are also an ISO 9001-2015 certified company, with strong Quality Management Systems.

Backed by a strong legacy of 70 years, and guided by the vision to create a competitive advantage for customers by building knowledge driven partnerships through value-added industrial solutions, we continually work towards sustained growth through innovation and profitability for our customers through value-added services.

Driven by professionalism in all that we do, and guided by quality and business ethics, our team of experts understand specific business and industrial needs, and cater to every need of the customer by being knowledge partners. Driven by the spirit of its visionary founder Mr L. P. Pandya, the Company continues to be led by its values of ‘ Customer First’, Empowerment and Team Work, and Integrity towards building a culture of continuous improvement.

Providing comprehensive genuine industrial products, services and solutions, all under one roof, TNBBC stays focused on understanding the customer requirements and partnering with them for long-term associations. We believe in creating the ultimate customer experience through our innovation in processes and technologies, which is a value edge in the market today. By ensuring that ‘the right item is in the right place at the right time’, we provide a high level of expertise to our customers.

The New Ball Bearing Co. LLP creates enduring relationships through reliable service and assurance of customer satisfaction. Partnering with Original Equipment and Part Manufacturers to bring comprehensive solutions for all industrial products and service requirements, TNBBC is poised to emerge as an unrivaled leader for Industrial Consumables and Industrial Components. Formally know as The New Ball Bearing Co. & The New Ball Bearing Company.

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