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ABNOX  has been the system partner for integrated processes in the area of Metering,
Lubrication, and Clamping Technology for 70 years.

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Abnox Products:

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ABNOX Products – Metering Valves:

ABNOX Products Metering Valves provide the means for precise metering using the latest developments in Pressure Control Technology.

Grease Supply:

Applications of Grease Supply System:

The wide range of lubricants-reaching from high viscosity grease to thin fluid oil-implicates the wide variety needs for lubricant supply pumps. Standard pumps, commonly available for hydraulic applications, may be used for oil. In contrast, the properties of lubrication grease do not comply with Newton’s law, and in fact, high-performance suction pumps may be required to handle some greases.
The most common solution for optimal and economic transferring of high viscosity lubricants (of class NLGI 1 to 3) is the use of the well-known air-operated piston pump.
Pressures of 50 to 150 bar are not uncommon if long transport pipes are used. Piston pumps are well capable to generate such pressure.
It is important to select the appropriate type of grease pump, with the appropriate suction, and the right grease supply system, which depends on equipment parameters such as pressure, feed quantity, temperature, viscosity, and penetration properties of lubricants as well as the application.

Material Pressure Regulators:

The material pressure regulator valve reduces and stabilizes material pressure. The pressure regulator is designed for self-lubricating medium as grease and oil. Plunger seals avoid penetration of the medium into the spring packing. The spring packing provides stepless output pressure regulation. A strainer (60 Mesh) is fitted into the inlet to keep impurities in the material from entering the valve. To select the right outlet pressure turn the pressure adjustment screw. With the lock nut, the position of the pressure adjustment screw can be adjusted. The material pressure regulator can optionally be ordered with or without the feed pressure gauge.

Lubrication Equipment:

The Electric-operated Grease Supply System AX-2000 permit reliable and trouble-free lubrication whenever no compressed air is available (Maintenance escalators, paper industries, wind energy industries, etc.). The AX-2000 is as well suitable as the optimal feed pump for the replenishing of centralized lubrication systems.
This Grease Supply System AX-2000 is based on many years of experience in the technic of powering and gearing with the existing electric-operated lubricating unit as well as the technology of the approved pump systems.
The conditions of the pumping system have been improved essentially by a higher dimensioned diameter of the piston as well as an ideal speed of the stroke. The optimal adjustment between the motor, gearbox and pump system guarantees smooth pumping and a very low noise level.


The Air-operated Grease Filler Pump with pressure ratio from 5:1, is the ideal equipment for economic and clean filling of hand lever pumps, one-hand pumps, hand push pumps, and lubrication systems.
This Grease Filler Pump is especially useful when the customers use large containers to fill several kinds of hand-operated lubrication equipment.
Simple connecting to hand-operated lubrication equipment with cylindrical or conical fillers cap enables a quick filling and protects the lubricants from pollution and air pockets.

Grease Pumps:

Character features of ABNOX Products Hand Lever Pump MURALT AX-III:

  • Suitable for lubricants(Grease)
  • Pump head made of high-quality drop forging aluminum
  • The high precision fit of piste ton to pump head ensures full prevention of leaks and lubricating failures (missed shots)
  • Enables even under extreme backpressure, a variable lubrication pressure with steady effort applied
  • Performance unchanged after 100‘000 actuating cycles. 100’000 pump operating cycles with no pressure drop
  • Suitable for cartridges DIN 1284
  • Cylinder design optimized for trouble-free application of cartridge
  • No reversal of the cylinder piston seal (lip seal) for filling required
  • Designed to be utilized under rough conditions. Rugged design of cylinder with knurled surface – sure grip handling
  • Modular system – at all hand lever pumps MURALT the in each case the same cylinder is used as with the hand pumps ABNOX WANNER
  • The non-slip handle on the pump lever, provides improved reliability in use
  • Connection output medium with check valve – prevent the medium in the pump head from feeding back
  • Equipped with interchangeable conical filler cap with ball valve for separate filling with the manual or air-operated filler pump
  • High-speed ventilation, by half a rotation of the button on the air bleed valve
  • Suitable for frequent application in assembly and maintenance as well as an accessory for machine tools
  • Comprehensive spare parts service
  • Complete disassembly is possible allowing easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Warranty 3 years
  • Packing: Rugged cardboard

Hand Push Pumps:

Character features of ABNOX Hand Push Pump:

  • Suitable for lubricants (Grease)
  • Light-weight, handy and optimal for simple applications
  • Enables even under extreme backpressure, a variable lubrication pressure with steady effort applied
  • Suitable for lubrication points in any position, including overhead
  • Designed to be utilized in rough conditions. Rugged design of cylinder with knurled surface – sure grip handling
  • Choice of the variety of the nozzles
  • Ideally suited for economical and clean lubrication of grease points and nipples of various kinds
  • Manual bulk filling, or by using an ABNOX filler pump with a filling plate
  • Complete disassembly is possible allowing easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Comprehensive spare parts service

Oil Level Windows:

Oil-level window in aluminum with force-fit natural glass for the area of application in the machine and vehicle construction as well as in the devices and process engineering.
Without reflector.

Seal: NBR O-Ring.

Tread seal with Tesnit ring.

Abnox oil-level windows are produced on the most modern automated production and assembly machines, with integrated quality inspection. All oil-level windows are tested for compression strength and seal.

Clamping Technology:

High-Pressure One-hand Pump with Gauge is used for clamping tools and face milling gutters ABNOX Products


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