6 Benefits of Precision Slewing Ring Bearings

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Of the many kinds of ball bearings available in the market, precision slewing ring bearings get used explicitly for power transmission applications.  Because the rollers present in the concentric rings help enhance the movement meant for load-bearing.

The bearings come with two rings with toothed gears, which happen to increase the torque and facilitate movement in the direction of the bearing’s center. These bearings have lesser maintenance, and they last longer than most bearings because of the design and material used to manufacture them.
They work well when the load is high, and speed is slow; hence used in

– Construction
– Excavation
– Medical tools &devices

Now, let us learn about the

Benefits of precision slewing ring bearings

  1.  All-round load capacity

    The best part of using PSR bearings in any system is that they provide 360 degrees of joint support even when used for complex load-bearing systems. The bearings allow for a concurrent movement on multiple axes.

  2. Shaftless bearings

    When these bearings get made, you will observe that they happen to be without a shaft/ spindle, which works as an advantage. The bearing is now an enhancement in the bearing motion and gives more space to the system’s other components.

  3. Increase in load capacity

    You will find an automatic increase in the bearings’ load-carrying capacity because of the design change. They are now capable of handling heavy loads during movement efficiently.

  4. The right amount of stiffness

    Precision slewing ring bearings can facilitate a wide range of motions because of the high material stiffness. It is the ideal amount that is ample enough to provide support for the rigid ball bearing applications

  5. Lesser friction

    Since the components are fewer because there aren’t any shafts or spindles, you will find lesser friction that these ball bearings will impose on the movement even with heavy loads. The freedom of movement is another aspect that gives the upper hand in providing optimum efficiency. The life of the bearings gets comparatively increased because of the above factors and surrounding components.

  6. More service life

    The durability of such bearings increases due to the reduction in friction. The load-bearing capacity is adjusted to ensure that it reduces the stress on the bearings and the adjacent components. With the number of components decreasing, you will find that the system will last longer and have lesser maintenance issues.

Uses of precision slewing ring bearings are in almost every field

  • Military and defense use these bearings in missile launchers, tank turrets, optical devices, etc.
  • In the construction industry, these bearings get used in lifts, cranes, hydraulic excavations, and boring hole jobs
  • In bottling plants, bearings prove useful in the sanitization, washing, capping, and labeling functions.
  • The transportation industry utilizes these bearings in trams, trains, and subways because they enable free vehicle movement.

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