Types of roller ball bearings and their applications

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Several Types of ball bearings get used for numerous industrial and non-industrial applications. Ball bearings are part of almost all industries, and they play a key role, especially in the manufacturing industries. You will find all kinds of SKF ball bearings of varying sizes.

Tapered roller ball bearings


The ball bearings consist of

  • Inner ring
  • Outer ring
  • Tapered rollers
  • Window cage

The window cage can hold the rollers in place. You will see that the inner ring and the tapered rollers along with the cage happen to be in one piece; hence it is possible to mount the outer separately.

How it works

The tapered roller is there for a reason because they have supported the radial loads and the large axial in a particular direction—there is another bearing to provide axial guidance in the other direction too. The angle of the bearing allows us to gauge the relationship between the radial and axial capacities. This shows that these bearings are capable of large radial loads even at high rotational speeds. You can check the sample specifications of  the tapered roller

Applications (automotive)

  • Paper mills
  • Cement plants
  • Oil companies
  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Engines
  • Petroleum industries

Cylindrical roller bearing


There are two kinds of Cylindrical roller bearings

  • with a cage- a single row with 1-2 rings between the rollers to provide a buffer
  • cage-free- has tapered bore is present in the inner ring, this bearing can fit the maximum number of rollers

How it works

It can support radial loads of high speeds (with cage) and high load capacities because of its rigidness. The cage’s bearing also acts as a buffer to single or couple of rollers present to be inseparable. You might as well dissemble one or both the rings so that you could handle the unit. The composition can sometimes slow down the rotational speed because it can support unidirectional loads (cage-free). It works well with machine tools because of the high precision that the cylindrical roller bearings provide. The tapered bore that comes with the cage-free bearings allows us to adjust the radial clearance.


  • Electric motors
  • Axle boxes
  • Pressure rollers
  • Rolling mill rolls

Spherical roller bearing


The ball bearing consists of

  • Outer ring
  • Spherical raceway
  • Large inner ring
  • Spherical rollers
  • A cage to hold them

How it works

Due to the inclined axis, the spherical roller bearing is able to handle heavy radial and axial loads as well in both directions, which helps retain more life compared to other bearings. The inclination has another advantage. It compensates for the shaft from bending and any misalignment. The symmetry of the spherical rollers on the outer ring is responsible for it. Its robustness helps it take on shocks and vibrations easily even when it’s supporting heavy loads—high temperatures are not a bother for these bearings.


  • Metal industries
  • Pulp and paper manufacturing

The above are the few types of roller ball bearings. Newball bearing has been fortunate to associate with SKF and is now the authorized dealer for SKF ball bearings. We are now able to cater to all kinds of industrial needs of clients.


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