SKF-NBBC Spindle Service Express Van

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Spindle is the heart of machine tool equipment. It is the most critical & important unit in machining process. So, when it starts giving problem, the whole production process on that particular piece of equipment comes to a standstill. If there is no standby/alternative provision for the affected machine then the full machining line comes to a halt. This creates tremendous pressure on all the concerned team members in Maintenance & production function. So, speedy repair of the spindle is very crucial.

Normally the traditional maintenance team is not fully equipped with the set up for repairing of a spindle. It requires investment in some costly tools & infrastructure to maintain controlled environment (clean room). The repair work of a spindle unit involves special know-how which a normal team of technicians & maintenance supervisors do not have. So, the spindle repair work is outsourced to an external agency which had the requisite expertise & set up. SKF India Ltd has such a facility at its Chinchwad plant where a world-class set up is maintained for Spindle refurbishment work. It is called Solution factory.

The repair process takes its own time. What we need to expedite is the other logistics process which also consumes lot of time. Keeping this in mind, SKF has started a special service called Spindle Express Van which will reduce the transit time. It is like an ambulance service.

A toll free number (18002677789) is provided for accessing the service of Express van. When one calls on this number, the van will start immediately to pick up the spindle from plant. It will deliver the spindle directly to the SKF solution factory avoiding all sort of delays associated with conventional process.

Upon receipt of the spindle at SKF solution factory, the SKF team will give priority treatment for its repair like an emergency service.

The promised time for the repair service is 48 hours from the pick up time. This is for standard scope of work. So, as a customer one will rest assured that the spindle will get ready within stipulated time frame. So, take advantage of this facility which is a new initiative from SKF launched recently.