About The New Ball Bearing Co.

Our Vision

To create competitive edge for our customers by building knowledge partnerships through integrated and value added industrial solutions.

Brief History

The New Ball Bearing Co. can help from production to maintenance and beyond. We collaborate with you to provide industrial products and integrated maintenance solutions that work. Our experts understand your specific business and industrial needs.

Since its inception on August 15, 1949, The New Ball Bearing Co. has been driven by the spirit and vision of its founder, Mr. L. P. Pandya. He spared no effort in ensuring ‘customer and service before self.’ This simple yet powerful belief has seen the company grow from humble beginnings to a promising future.

Now in its third generation of leadership management, The New Ball Bearing Co. continues to add many milestones. It’s three directors – Bharat Pandya, Abhay Pandya and Pranav Pandya – continually add value, business acumen and innovative services to build strong, knowledge-driven partnerships with customers. Their solid technical expertise, diligent work style and industrial efforts guide the strong team in propelling the company forward to achieve ambitious, exponential growth.

Today, The New Ball Bearing Co. is one of the largest, most professionally managed, and highly respected industrial distributors for the world’s best industrial brands.